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To cope up with the today's growing economy and eCommerce industry, everyone wants to expand their business globally to increase there ROI. Online Shopping in Pakistan has become extremely common. With the advent of technology, now it has become easier for tradesmen all over the world to sell their products and increase their incomes using online platforms.

But here’s the problem: Other online platforms don't allow you to sell abroad. In fact, in those platforms, you are importing products from other countries

As a result, your country’s economy is being affected badly. So why not use this opportunity we our offering and get a chance to expand your business internationally?

Here’s are some simple steps by which your products can be available in multiple countries using our platform.

Step 1: Sign up as a vendor on Juglo.pk

You can sell products in the UK & Europe, but first it is important for you to sign up as a vendor. After that, vendors can get access to selling abroad. Please note that vendors can not directly sign up on other countries.

Step 2: Add your ID card information & bank account number.

This is a pretty important step, as Juglo.pk  first verifies the authenticity of all sellers. Don’t worry, your information is safe with Juglo.



Step 3: Apply to sell on multiple domain

Now this is the part where you apply to sell on multiple domains, that is other countries. Simply go to ‘My Accounts & Reports’, then click on ‘My Profile’ and then click on ‘Multiple Domain’ tab. 


Juglo.pk allows you to currently sell in the following countries

  1. Poland
  2. Hungary
  3. Germany
  4. Austria
  5. United Kingdom

Step 4: Receive a verification call. 

Once you click save, your request will be sent to our administration & you will receive a verification call. Vendors need to provide any contract with DHL or other company that says that they will deliver their products abroad. Otherwise, you can also avail fulfillment by Juglo services by using Juglo’s warehouses available in the above countries.


Step 5: Add your Listings

Once your request is accepted, you can do the following things

  1. Either enable your existing listings on other domains
  2. Create new listings on other domains

If you want to enable your existing listings on other domains to sell in UK and Europe from Pakistan, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to products and then click on ‘Update Products’
  2. Click on any listings that you want to enable for other domains
  3. Click on ‘Other Storefronts’ and then click on the domain/ country you want to enable it on


Once it's processed and enabled, you need to go in that domain and go to update products option for that domain.


  1. Change the price and quantity on listing according to domain & then click on ‘Active’.
  2. Please remember that you will always have to change price manually as Juglo only converts the currency symbol to that domain, not the price


  1. Juglo also converts the description and title into the language of the country automatically, so you don't need to do anything else except change the price.

If you want to upload new listings on other domains, here’s how to do it after being accepted to sell in that domain. 

  1. Go on that particular domain via the options given on top
  2. Go to ‘Upload Products > single product listing’
  3. Upload the products and save them. 
  4. After verification, the team will approve your products.

See how easy it is to sell products in the UK and Europe with Juglo.pk? So don't miss this golden opportunity & sell on other domains today with Juglo.