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Juglo.pk is a recently launched online shopping store for people who want to sell their products in Pakistan and abroad to increase their earnings. The best part about this online eCommerce  website is that it provides you with an opportunity to sell your products with no extra commission fee. 

So, Why pay a FEE, when you can sell for FREE?    

But that’s not all.

By using this tremendous platform of Juglo.pk, now Pakistani vendors can also sell their products everywhere in the world like UK, Germany, Poland etc. As we all know Pakistan is one of the most prominent manufacturer hubs in the world starting from clothes to electronics and even sports goods --Pakistan is always been on the top of the list for manufacturing this products.

However, when it comes to exporting these products, we don't have enough platforms that provide such opportunities to sell products abroad using an online medium.

In the last five years, Pakistan’s GDP has increased to 5.5%, but as compared to other developing countries such as India, the growth rate is not much.

We have the chance to better our economy by exporting products in countries where the requirement of products is higher, but competition is lower.

Here’s when Juglo.pk comes into the picture

Aiming to become the best online shopping store in Pakistan juglo.pk allows you to sell your products while being in Pakistan. Even a small scale manufacturer such as a jewelry maker, or a manufacturer of embroidered shawls can list their products and apply to sell in countries such as the United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Austria using fulfilment by Juglo or fulfilment by vendor.

If you’re considering one of these, let me explain how each option works. 

Fulfilment by Juglo

Fulfilment by Juglo or FBJ is when you sell the products, but Juglo stores and ships it for you. Once an order is received on your fulfilment by Juglo products, it is Juglo’s responsibility to fulfil that order. This takes off any burden from your end, and while you’re living comfortably in your own home country, Juglo is running the business on an auto-pilot mode for you.

How it works:

  1. You apply for fulfilment by Juglo and wait for the verification call.
  2. They confirm your application and enable your FBJ account.
  3. You ship out your products to their fulfilment centres. 
  4. When an order is received on your Juglo account, they pack and ship your product to their address. Your inventory is automatically updated, and you can also see the orders specifically meant for FBJ.
  5. After an initial 30 day wait period, they transfer the funds in your bank account.

This means that you don’t have to worry about shipping an order daily as Juglo is handling it for you, and handling returns and refunds have become easier. 

Currently, the warehouses are available in the following countries

  1. Hungary
  2. Poland
  3. Germany
  4. United Kingdom

Not only does this service provide you with an opportunity to earn money without any stress, but it also provides a hassle-free experience of an online business. 

What you’re in-charge of when using the services of Fulfilment by Juglo:

Performing Appropriate Product Research

Through FBJ, you can only run your business automatically. However, the initial product research has to be done by the vendor himself. The products should also be owned by the vendor himself. 

Ensuring that your inventory is in stock

Since the vendor can easily check and update his inventory, it is essential that you make sure that your products are in stock. This way, if you receive any order from Juglo -- you won’t have to lose sales.

Benefits of selling with Fulfilment by Juglo

If you’re in Pakistan, it is much easier to sell products in the UK and Europe with FBJ as it allows you not to sign any contract with a shipping company. Moreover, you save time, effort and management costs of shipping products.

Hassle-Free Management of Returns and Refunds

If a customer returns a product, FBJ handles the complete process on their own without bothering their vendors. So, save yourself from the trouble of processing returns and refunds and let Juglo handle it on their own. 

Finest Customer Support

With a team of over 100 support representatives available in each country, you can get a guarantee that your issues will be solved, no doubt on that. This is the reason we pride ourselves on being the top online shopping store in Pakistan.

Fulfilment by Vendors

Fulfilment by vendors or FBV is a process where vendors ship out the products on their own. If you’re a seller from Pakistan who wants to sell their products within Pakistan, fulfilment by vendors is the right choice and does not require any contract with any shipping company. 

Juglo.pk has partnered up with Leopards Courier to deliver your products, cash on delivery, and it is the only shipping method currently available.

Nevertheless, Vendors wanting to sell abroad require an agreement or a contract with any shipping company, preferably DHL to ship their products from Pakistan to the UK, Hungary, Poland, Germany or Austria. 

How it works:

  1. You receive an order from the customer on your seller panel
  2. After verifying their address, the parcel is shipped out from your end
  3. Payment is accepted by Juglo and sent you to every 15-30 days based on withdrawal requests
  4. Vendors handle the returns and refunds on their own.

Here are the benefits of selling with Fulfilment by Vendor:

Comfortable handling of minimal order volume

If your order volume is minimal, or let’s suppose your products have to be made customized for each customer, then fulfilment by vendors allows you to process orders hassle-free on your own.

Managing inventory

If you’re using fulfilment by vendors option, you can manage inventory quickly based on the demand for your products.

Juglo.pk is an online shopping store that allows users to increase the sale of their products with no commission charges. So, if you’re a seller , you know what to do. Visit the website today www.juglo.pk.

Hurry up! avail this golden opportunity today and sign yourself up to get the advantage of this offer now. This is the time to give your sales the boost it needs.

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