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Ayesha Malik

Are you wondering how to place an order on juglo.pk? Don't worry about it. This blog will surely guide you on how to shop online on juglo.pk. We welcome you on juglo.pk, you are here, so you must have heard about the most popular online store. Juglo.pk always brings exciting deals, vouchers, and sales for their customers, we always prioritize our customer's trust and convenience. The online shopping experience should be comfortable and effortless, that's the reason people are always attracted to Juglo. 

Our e-commerce site is not just a platform from which you can buy products and leave. We leave an outstanding impact on customers by our services and quality of products, so they come to shop again and again. We deliver the exact product that you see on your screens, let us guide you through the perks you get by shopping through juglo.pk. If you are visiting juglo.pk first time and feeling confused about how to place an order, just follow these simple steps.

How to sign up as a customer on juglo.pk?

The very first thought that might pop up in your mind is; why is it necessary to sign up while shopping online on juglo? Signing up makes your online shopping more personalized. After shopping, you can easily check status, and keep track of the product that is in the process of being delivered to you.

You can create an account by following these simple steps.

1. Click on "My account" very next to search in the top right corner.
2. After clicking my account, select "Register now" option.

3. Write your name, email address, phone number and password.
4. Click the "Register button".

5. After registering, you have successfully signed up as a customer on juglo.pk.

You can also reach juglo.pk through your social media accounts by directly clicking the icon, juglo.pk will automatically collect your relevant information as a customer.

Why juglo is different from any other E-commerce site?
The E-commerce industry is getting popular day by day in Pakistan. Due to the exposure of online shopping in the population and the benefits E-commerce sites carry, more people are trying to create their own e-commerce websites. A big number of these online shopping stores create confusion and pressure among the general public, from where they can find authentic products.

Juglo.pk has proved itself the best online shopping store in Pakistan because of its reliability and authenticity. Shop from Pakistan's biggest online shopping store, because we deal with our customers as friends, not just as expected buyers.

Quality brands to choose from
Juglo.pk brings you a lot of products from different brands. The presence of all these brands creates ease and convenience to choose your desired product from a single platform. There is an endless range of variety of products that can easily be navigated with a single click. Our team updates the products from different brands on juglo.pk so that you can get updated, and 100% authentic products within the shortest amount of time.

Fast Product Delivery
Very few online shopping stores in Pakistan provide fast delivery services.  To entertain your concern and to satisfy you, juglo.pk is always very keen to deliver the products within the promised time. At the time of order confirmation, you can also track the record and collect details until the delivery of your order. Take it as our word of trust that you will be very satisfied by our delivery services.

Cheaper market place than others
In this time of the pandemic, everyone is facing financial setbacks, but you can get budget-friendly prices on juglo.pk. Our customers always prefer online shopping from Juglo.pk than any other market-place because of its affordable price ranges. These kinds of deals at such low prices are very rare to find, so come grab your favorite items before the offer ends!

Vouchers are a blessing for shopaholics, even though they have a time limit. Vouchers expire after some time, but you can find great deals out of them in that short period. The wise use of these vouchers can help you a lot in cost-cutting.

Discounts and sales
Discounts and sales are a great attraction for customers, these packages create special bonds with the customer to feel special and connected. But these discounted prices and deals don't undermine the quality of the product. Major sale packages are introduced from time to time regarding every product, from the customer's point of view, these sales bring advantages for their desired products with reasonable discounted prices. Come and grab these thrilling offers to spice up your wardrobe, house decor, office, and many more.