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Ayesha Malik

Juglo Selling 101

In today's fast-moving economic world, businesses have recognized new trends and incorporated them to elevate their brand to the upper echelon and turn a profit. These modern trends have made it easier than ever for people to sell their unique products and earn a profit. Pakistan has many people trying to innovate their brand from their skills and hard work alone. But they don't have the complete resources to do so. 

That's why Juglo.pk has arrived to encourage and empower our people and provide them the resources to expand their businesses and earn fruitfully. This is the main driving force behind Juglo.pk's working to promote its brothers and sisters to sell their quality products without any hidden fees or commission from their sales. So, associate with Juglo.pk now and let us help your business thrive and improve the economy to make Pakistan one of the biggest export industries in the world.

Why You Should Sell With Juglo?

Over at Juglo.pk selling your well-crafted products has never been this easier. All your products are taken great care of and presented in the best light for people to purchase them. The easy process of selling and shipping your products starts with the registration process. There is no complicated methods and long waiting time to register. Furthermore, to ease your mind to register at Juglo.pk we should tell you that we don't apply any charges at all, and your approval takes little to no time. 

All that you need to do is to fill out the registration process and provide the necessary documents and bank details. By doing so, it will create a seller account that you can personally manage.

Managing Your Seller Account

You can easily manage your seller account by logging in to your account and uploading your valuable products to the site. Let us guide you about the process and how you create a listing by following a few of these steps.

  1. Click on the Products Tab
  2. Now click on New Products Upload
  3. Then click on the Single Product Upload

Now what you need to do is enter further details about your product, such as the Title, Category, Description, a few Images, Variants, SKU (Product Code), Price, in stock, Short Description, and click on "Create". This way, customers will be able to see and search your product on Juglo by using the information that you provided.

 Your products will first be approved by the Juglo Quality Control Team. We should inform you that this approval process takes about 12 to 24 hours, after which they will be live on our website and able to be sold. Also, make sure you have ordered Juglo flyers before you upload your product listings. You can order the desired number of flyers by buying them off of Juglo.pk.

Creating Shipment Orders

Once your account has been created and your products are uploaded, your products will start to sell. With the sudden influx of orders coming in, you will begin to receive notifications and emails on your account every time an order is made from customers.

In order to ship the products, you will have to create a leopard shipment on the seller portal. We don't permit any of our sellers to ship their products from any other service methods. This is the only shipping method you will be offered over at Juglo.pk. So, any other shipment that you send from your COD account will therefore not be acceptable by Juglo after the order.

The steps below are a complete guide on how to create a leopard shipment:

  1. On the seller panel section, click the "View Orders" tab on to the "My Account & Reports"
  2. Now click on the Order No that you would like to create a shipment for
  3. Now at the right end of your screen, you will likely see be able to see a button "Create Leopard Shipment". Click on that
  4. All you need to do now is verify the information and then click on "Create"

All of the information that you entered will therein be processed and maintained associated with Leopard.

Delivering Shipment Orders

After the shipment is created, now what you need to do is print 3 packaging slips of courier from the Leopard shipment made. Please ensure that the product has been packed tight and safely inside the Juglo flyers to prevent it from getting damaged.

One packaging slip is to be attached to the package, the other packaging slip to hand over to the Leopard Team while giving the item over. Lastly, one packaging slip to get a confirmation stamp from the Leopard crew for the order shipment. The Leopard Courier will scan your packaging slip to verify that the product is shipping from Juglo.

Also, do make sure that the package is dropped off at one Leopard Courier's express center to refrain from any inconvenience down the line. They will ship your excellent products and Juglo will send your monthly payments straight to the given bank account. By doing so, your profits will present themselves every month and you can reap the benefits you sow by selling with Juglo.pk.

How to Apply to Sell Your Products in Other Countries?

As explained before, Juglo wants to empower and expand people's businesses and help them grow in the process. It provides you with the chance to sell your products in the UK, Europe, and other countries too. You have two ways to sell your products in the UK and Europe by Juglo.pk.

  1. Fulfillment by Juglo
  2. Fulfillment by Vendor

Fulfillment By Juglo

From Fulfillment by Juglo, you can ship your products straight to Juglo's Warehouses in the UK and Europe, where they will be stored, processed, and shipped as well. In this way, it's basically like sitting in a self-driving car while you relax in comfort. Furthermore, Juglo also provides VAT registration, customs clearance, and Freight forwarding services for all of its sellers.

Fulfillment By Vendor 

But from Fulfillment by Vendor, you can personally handle all orders and shipment of the products all by yourself. For that, you need to establish a DHL contract for international shipments.

If you want to further know how to apply to sell in other countries, log on to your seller account and follow the steps given below:

  1. Move the mouse to hover over the "My account & reports" option and click on "My Profile"
  2. From there on, you will be redirected to the main profile page. Click on the "Multiple Domain" tab and choose the countries that you want to sell your products in. After choosing, click on save.
  3. Once the request to sell is sent, our team will assess your seller profile, listings and will come in contact with you to further guide you. After all the information is verified, you will receive an email from Juglo and will be able to sell abroad.

Rest assured, over at Juglo.pk you can certainly believe that you are in great hands. Your business will begin to nourish from the support we will provide you and treat you as a friend with our services. We believe in what we say and promise to deliver on every front. The choice is now up to you if you want to do a favor for your business and link up with Juglo.pk.